Saturday, April 28th, Doors 7:15, Show 8 PM; Manitoba Museum's Planetarium

Wine & Words features the written works of Canadian composers, musicians, playwrights, poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, and storytellers. With the participation of local actors and celebrities, Theatre by the River stages the pieces for a variety show that dramatizes the featured written works. Wine & Words is Theatre by the River’s major annual fundraiser, providing funds to cover production and operational expenses.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Manitoba Museum, this year we will immerse the audience in pieces staged throughout the gallery.  The 2018 event is themed:


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The Creators of this year's offerings are:

Governor General Award Winners David A. Robertson and Colleen Murphy

as well as:

Alissa Watson, Ben Townsley, Brian Richardson, Chris Macalino, Daniel Thau-Eleff, Hannah Foulger, Karla Korman, Kelly-Lynne Reimer, Kevin Longfield, Kristian Enright, Leif Norman, Mason Kanne, Matthew Komus, Rebecca Danos, Sharon Bajer and Tala Gammon

And new plays in development from One Trunk Theatre and Theatre Incarnate

David A. Robertson
Colleen Murphy
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Alissa Watson
Ben Townsley
Brian Richardson
Chris Macalino
Daniel Thau-Eleff
Hannah Foulger
Karla Korman
Kelly-Lynne Reimer
Kevin Longfield
Kristian Enright
Leif Norman
Mason Kanne
Matthew Komus
Rebecca Danos
Sharon Bajer
Tala Gammon
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The talented people lending us their voices this year are:

Alan Wong, Ben Townsley, Bob Metcalfe, Brigitte Plouffe, Brittany Hunter, Cory Wojick, Darren Martens, Doug Speirs, Duncan Cox, Eric Blais, Grant Guy, Harry Nelken, Jan Skene, Jared Button, Josh Ranville, Lara Rae, Leah Borchert, Lindsay Somers, Pablo Felices-Luna, Reba Terlson, Rebekah Enns, Sarah Flynn, Sheila North Wilson, Steve Yurkiw and Tanner Manson

Alan Wong
Bob Metcalfe
Brigitte Plouffe
Brittany Hunter
Cory Wojick
Darren Martens
Doug Speirs
Eric Blais
Grant Guy
Harry Nelken
Jan Skene
Jared Button
Josh Ranville
Lara Rae
Leah Borchert
Lindsay Somers
Pablo Felices-Luna
Reba Terlson
Rebekah Enns
Sheila North Wilson
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